General Information

A Day in the Salon

  • Following drop-off, your pooch will be thoroughly brushed out and checked for any lumps or bumps, skin irritations, parasites or mats.
  • “Poochy” is then prepped for their bath. This consists of nail trimming to prevent ingrown nails and make it more comfortable for your pooch to walk, pad trimming and removal of any knots between the pads, sanitary areas clipped for hygiene, ears cleaned and if necessary, under-coat blown out with a high velocity dryer or pre-clip.
  • It’s then off to the tub for a warm fresh water massaging bath using shampoos and conditioners designed to each dogs individual coat and skin condition. Poochy also gets a Blueberry and Berry Facial wash especially useful for dogs prone to tear staining and beards which attract dirt and debris.
  • Poochy is then warm blow dried and when dry, is again brushed out and ‘fluffed up’.
  • If Poochy is having a Style Clip, he is then clipped and scissored to your specifications and finished with a spritz of doggy cologne.

Drop-off times are staggered and early morning (from 8-00am drop-offs to late pick ups, up to 7.00pm) are available. At the time of drop-off, a pick-up time will be estimated and we will telephone or text you when your dog is ready for pick-up.

We work on an individual basis and work with a dog rather than to the clock. Depending on how the dog copes with the grooming process, sometimes for the dogs well being the grooming process is spread throughout the day in stages to enable your dog to have lots of breaks. In between the stages your dog is made as comfortable as possible in our spacious pens with some walkies and water.

Matted Coats

Matted coats are caused by a dog being left too long between grooms. A dog will shed their under-coat and if not brushed out properly in between professional grooms, mats will form.  Matted dogs attract an extra surcharge on top of their normal groom price.

Matted coats are a form of cruelty as they can be so painful and tight they restrict movement. The RSPCA has charged and  prosecuted owners of matted dogs for animal cruelty. They can hide wounds, parasites & skin problems. We do not de-mat a matted dog or in cases where the knots in the coat are so bad that it would cause pain and suffering to attempt to groom them out or the risk of injuring or distressing the pet is too great. For matted dogs , your dog will be clipped off to the safest possible length so he/she is comfortable, stress free and happy. This service does incur an extra charge on top of the regular groom price. Whilst we are extremely careful when clipping off excessively matted coats, there is always a risk of cuts and nicks due to warts or skin folds being trapped in the mats. Removing the mats can also reveal skin irritations caused by the moisture trapped on the dogs skin allowing bacteria or fungus to grow.

The best thing about dog hair is… it grows back. And the pet owner with the right instructions and grooming tools has the opportunity to get it right by the next visit to the salon. We are more than happy to show you the correct tools and technique required to groom your dog in between grooming appointments.


Safety is paramount for both the dog and the groomer. You must inform us prior to grooming if your dog has previously bitten someone or shown aggressive tendencies. Should you dog display behaviour which compromises the groomers safety, the grooming process will be stopped and the owner charged for the amount of grooming that has been accomplished.

It is very important to inform us if your dog has any pre-existing medical conditions.


48 hours notice is required if you are unable to keep your appointment.

If you miss an appointment and have not given us the 48 hrs notice you will be charged the full price of the missed appointment. The missed appointment charge must be paid prior to your next appointment.

If you miss 2 appointments without the required notice you will be asked to find another groomer.

A courtesy reminder text will be made the day prior to your appointment but ultimately it is up to you to remember your appointments.

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